The best places to meet girls

The best places to meet girls

25This year’s summer heat makes us more eager to make new friends. The sun shines every single day and we are more cheerful than ever and smile at others more often. Such a relaxed atmosphere is especially evident in seaside resorts. Today, we will focus on selecting a place that is worth visiting with your sponsored girl.


It is often the case that the more beautiful the woman is, the more attracted to luxury and comfort she is. In most cases, you sponsor a beautiful woman, so it is very likely that she will be delighted to spend a night or a few nights at a grand hotel. A luxurious hotel guarantees discretion – even if someone inquiries about whether you are staying there, the staff is bound not to answer the question. In lower-class hotels or B&Bs, it may not be the same. Grand hotels often offer meals, SPA or other in-house attractions. So there is no need to leave the hotel and go to a nearby town to eat or buy anything. In this way, you keep a low profile, which is very important to some.


The largest cities in Poland have an abundance of luxurious hotels where you can get crazy with your girl. Poznań, Wrocław, Cracow, Łódź, Gdańsk or Warsaw offer a wide selection of five-star hotels with discretion guarantee and top quality service. The largest and the best hotels in those cities are Marriott, Sheraton etc.


In order to take your girl to a luxurious getaway in the mountains, at the seaside or lakeside, check out the offer of one of the largest SPA centres. The no. 1 are Gołębiewski hotels – with scenic views and the best equipment. Gołębiewski hotels are located in e.g. Mikołajki, Karpacz or Białystok.

Hotel sponsorship is also a good idea in SPA centres in Zakopane, Sopot or Międzyzdroje. The offer of luxurious hotels in those regions is very wide and versatile.

If you are planning holidays with the girl you sponsor, you should get to know her preferences. It will help you pleasantly surprise her, which will surely bring good effects later when you are alone. A visit to a luxurious hotel is always nice and attractive to girls.