Affair in work. Is it worth it?

Affair in work. Is it worth it?

Phenomenon of affair at work

In a company in which there is a friendly atmosphere and interpersonal relations are based on respect and kindness, employees are given the opportunity to form closer bonds with each other. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so no wonder that during common little talks workers tend to go friendly with each other. Spending time together and sharing similar hobbies makes opportunities for forming new relationships in a workplace, which is out of company policy’s control. There are even cases where an innocent affection towards another person turns into something more serious such as flirtation, affair or even a lifetime relationship. Depending on conditions in a company and positions which lovers hold, they have to face concrete consequences of their actions. For some people place of work may become an escape from boring marriage or a conscious adrenaline rush.

Is it worth to intrigue in a company?

Affair in a company doesn’t have to mean sexual abuses or infidelity since more and more people are searching for a long-lasting relationship in a workplace.

A brief affair gained infamy and because of that workers who are in love with each other are pretty often branded by this negative stereotype. Dissatisfied crew hopes for employer’s appropriate reaction and they have to face considerable dilemma and normalise situation which have become a subject to controversy.

Advantages from affair in work?

It’s not easy to control your employees’ intimate life, which isn’t employer’s duty anyway. If co-workers’ affair doesn’t cause any danger, it shouldn’t impact negatively company’s functioning. This is the case for relationships between workers who hold similar positions. If they are at similar levels in the organizational hierarchy, singles’ affair shouldn’t be harmful. Additionally, such couple shows more zeal for work, is more involved and because of that the effectivity and creativity of the entire crew improves. Friendly atmosphere, which people in love bring into surrounding, impacts also other co-workers. Additionally such couple comes to work willingly, performs their duties properly and doesn’t even think about getting sick leave. People in love often wants to show their value in front of their partners and they put all efforts to grow bigger in their eyes, which side effect is faultless fulfilling of their duties. Another advantage is increased resistance to stress, since lovers are full of beans. They are friendly towards the rest of the team, which makes them act similarly. The co-workers won’t necessarily focus on gossiping, since affair in a workplace often means more space and less stress.