, Business trips – facts and myth

Business trips – facts and myth

Work in a corporation has always raised controversy. You can love it or hate it. It all depends on the potential employee. Does he/she have the appropriate predisposition to work in the corporate world? If you don’t mind an awfully quick pace of work, you’re mobile, easily make contact with others, you have an open mind and are a bit of a go-getter – you’re the ideal candidate. In return for these traits, the corporate machine has a few attractions prepared for you.

Along with stable employment and all the possible perks, such as free Multisport cards and extended insurance for you and your family, you also have the possibility of promotion and a raise, a company car and, of course, business trips!

, Business trips – facts and myth

On the subject of business trips one could talk for hours – in every company there are legends circulating of some particularly talented guy who during a trip gained the respect of the whole group. Another time there’s the very proper girl from marketing who finally showed a completely different side to her character. You can also see the more human side of your boss. There are many possibilities, but do business trips really deserve such notoriety? Below are a few facts and myths on the subject of such trips.


  1. It’s the best time to break away from office routine!
  2. Such trips allow you to make new business contacts or to get to know work colleagues better.
  3. You’ll certainly visit many different cities and countries that you wouldn’t get to on your own.
  4. Unfortunately, it is often accompanied by jet lag and frequent delays at airports.
  5. The last and maybe most beneficial fact is that all business trips are paid for by the company. Often this doesn’t only include accommodation and transport; you may also get a company car to use or a debit card allowing a decent amount of spending.


  1. A business trip is a type of holiday – nothing could be further from the truth. Such trips are very stressful and tiring if they are to other countries or are long-term.
  2. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to make a trip on your own – which often means that there’s no companion to help make use of the company budget.
  3. Another myth is the unfortunately common idea that every business trip ends in bed with a colleague from work.

How we plan our business trip depends mainly on us. After determining all the business details and having all the important meetings, we have the evenings for ourselves. We can spend them in front of the laptop and go to bed early, or use them in the best way possible. In order to make a boring business trip attractive, all you need to do is ensure yourself a great companion who will enjoy all the hotel attractions with you, e.g. spa, restaurant and hotel bar. Women love such care-free excursions, when they have lots of time for themselves – during your business meetings – and in the evening you can follow your whims together, choosing a date in bed or night sight-seeing of the city.