, Erotic gadgets for the foreplay

Erotic gadgets for the foreplay

February is a chilly month, but one which warms us up with hot events. We’re celebrating the holiday of lovers, Valentine’s Day, and the next instalment of the “50 Shades of Grey” saga is coming to cinemas. It’s the perfect occasion to turn up the temperature in our relationships. Even if you don’t see the film to see what sexy stuff Christian has in his playroom, you should know that your partner has probably already done just that and now wants to try out new ideas with you.

The best way to bring a little variety to your sex life is to change your style of foreplay!

Women love foreplay and will return the favour immediately, unable to contain their pleasure.

You say you have time-tested methods? Ditch them and surprise your partner with something new.

Erotic toys and games are your best bet!


An erotic must-have in every bedroom. Even if you don’t have the kind with a key, it’s no great loss. It’s enough to prepare a delicate and soft ribbon which you can use to blindfold your partner or wrap around their wrists – effects are guaranteed.

Erotic gadgets for the foreplay

Geisha balls

Your partner is sure to remember this little gadget from the film. Why not try it out? Going to friends for dinner? Suggest that apart from sexy lingerie, she insert these geisha balls. Why wait with foreplay until you get home when you can start before you even leave the house?

Erotic gadgets for the foreplay


Every woman is sure to have one of these little friends hiding around somewhere at the bottom of the wardrobe. Ask your partner to get it out during foreplay and suggest that you will take control of its motions. Allow her to guide you and do it the way she wants. If you’re not afraid to go a little bit crazy, prepare a second dildo and you have double the pleasure at your fingertips.

Erotic gadgets for the foreplay


A highly sensual type of foreplay which works out best when you blindfold your partner. Her senses will sharpen and she’ll experience the cold and wet touch even more intensely. Just put an ice cube into your mouth and kiss her body, leaving a map of your touch in drops of water.

Erotic gadgets for the foreplay

Don’t be afraid to experiment; the bedroom is no place for boredom. Surprise your partner with new experiences and break out of the bedroom routine.