How not to get caught cheating?

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How not to get caught cheating?

Have you had a little bit on the side or maybe you’ve been having an affair for a while and are not planning to give up on that? Have you decided that leading a double life: mornings – house, wife and kids, and evenings – a sexy, young lover, is the right way for you? Then you can’t allow your infidelity to be exposed. We have some advice for you on how to prevent that from happening.

Be careful with your phone

 Of course, you need a way to contact your sexy beauty. It is best to have a phone with two sim cards, so that you can have a separate number for contacting your family and a different one for ‘private conversations’. Another option is to buy a second phone, but it can be troublesome. Remember not to hide your phone, not to run to a secluded place when it rings, as this will raise unnecessary suspicions! You can’t start acting differently.

Always pay cash

 All expenses related to your ‘beautiful diversion’ should be paid in cash. Withdraw money from the account gradually, in small sums. Make sure not to go ‘on autopilot’ and put the receipt in your pocket or wallet. The bill for a romantic dinner or the receipt for a Valentine’s Day gift could alert your wife and raise her suspicions.

Do not change

You can’t change your habits all of a sudden. If you have always worked out once a week, and now the frequency has increased to three training sessions, it is very suspicious. You also can’t change your attitude towards your other half and start to treat hear differently or become colder. You need to control your behaviour. Any changes need to be introduced slowly, so that your wife has time to get used to them and doesn’t become suspicious.

Do not lie

 Or rather speak partial truth. Are you telling your wife that you are going out to work out? Do go to the gym, and meet your mistress before or afterwards. It also applies to meeting with your friends. If you really have little time, you need to make it look right, so even if you did not go to the meeting location, when you get back home, it should look like you have really been there.