, Sex in unusual places

Sex in unusual places

I bet that everyone reading this text has had such a fantasy. The question is how many of you have made it a reality?

I hope that everyone has.

Right after fantasies about a hot night with one’s favourite film star, sex in an unusual place is at the top of the erotic list of things to do. Now the question is which places can be considered unusual? Any place that’s beyond your bed-frame?

I suppose we can extend that to the doorway of your home. Why is that? Because our home is the place where we feel safe, free, and all the places where we can get dirty are already tried and tested. And this was supposed to be about unusual places, where we’re not only excited by the act itself with other person; that’s not all – here it’s a matter of adrenalin. This is a really strong, even addictive hormone, which makes our heart beat faster.

Sex in a new place – and I don’t mean a hotel room – additionally with the chance of being discovered, is electrifying. And there are plenty of possibilities – wherever you look, you’ll find places that can be used as a bedroom.

Sex in unusual places

Sex in the car – this is the most popular way to add some spice to our sex-life because of the comfort and the possibility of enjoying a few interesting positions.

Sex in a friend’s apartment – when the party really gets going, no-one will notice your absence, and the fact that someone could knock on the door will ensure you the desired thrill.

In the outdoors – in the beautiful surroundings of nature, by a lake-shore, on a meadow, in the forest, on sand – sex anywhere in the fresh air is a wonderful experience! When you get the chance, you simply have to try it.

In the cinema – this has always been recognized as a favourable place for couples because of the dim light, deafening sound system and the seating arrangement. If you sit up at the back – nobody will be watching you. It’s an ideal place for foreplay.

In the fitting room – if it’s a big store with lots of fitting booths, not divided into men’s and women’s areas, then it’s an ideal place. You just have to take a large number of clothes to try on and remember not to let the noise give you away.

, Sex in unusual places