Sexting – a new form of flirting

Sexting – a new form of flirting

 Sexting, that is, erotic correspondence between lovers or people seeking adventures. Not such a new idea, but now enhanced with the sending of photos and films thanks to new applications that have come with new ways of communication. Especially with new relationships or those at a distance, it is an increasingly common form of exchanging those words that we would normally whisper into their ear.

When it’s starting to get hot, your acquaintance is beginning to take on a blush, or you’re simply missing your loved one and lying alone on a bed, you start to visualise in your mind what would happen if that other person were lying next to you. This is an ideal moment to begin fun that may turn into foreplay and end in solo sex. The trick is for the manner of getting across one’s affection to be balanced and subtle. Messages should be spicy and make the other person feel pleasant waves of heat. We need to interest our partner and entice them to enjoy longer fun. Below are a few hot suggestions for a dirty conversation:

  1. “What do you have on?”- that’s the most common question that you can hear. We know that men depend on their vision – they like to look at us, have sex with the lights on and to know what’s hidden beneath our clothing, so don’t be surprised when you hear this text.

  1. “I’ve got the hots for you” – the awareness that a woman is turned on raises their temperature. Information about this is a clear signal for a man that he must do something about it, and they don’t make light of such matters 😉

  1. “I think about you … in bed” – men love to hear that they are the subject of your fantasies. If you also add that you’re touching yourself now, you won’t have to wait long for an answer or you may even expect knocking at the door 😉

  1. Sexy photos – this takes the place of beginning a hot conversation. Guys love such surprises. Busy with various matters, his thoughts on occupational activities, send him a photo revealing a little of your body, and you’ll see that right away he’ll break off what he was doing and write to you.

  1. “I would do this …” – a woman who takes the initiative and proposes some new place or a new way to get it on is a dreamed-of partner. Guys love to hear that, whether it’s in their ear, through the phone’s earphones or reading a text message. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover new sensations.

  1. Make a film – if you’re sure of your partner and not ashamed to show a little more, shoot a short film. In your lingerie, the bath, the bed – the possibilities are endless 🙂