Sexy underwear for women

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Sexy underwear for women

15Buying underwear for a gift may be a risky task since the picked size may be wrong as well as the fashion. How to choose an underwear for a woman without making a faux pas and furthermore, make your beloved happy?


It’s easy to make a terrible slip. The biggest mistake may be buying too big brassiere or too small knickers. Brassieres apart from cup size (A, B, C…) also have bust size, which seems to be unknown for most of the men. What’s more, there is a strong correlation between these parameters (the smaller bust size the bigger cup). That’s why it’s no use in rough guessing. If you don’t know the exact size of your woman’s underwear, there is only one advice. You need to use the moment of distraction of your beloved and make reconnaissance in her underwear’s wardrobe and just check the size of her favourite brassiere


Thong? Many women simply hate this fashion. If the woman’s linen cupboard lacks this garment, don’t try to persistently convince her to wear it. There are plenty of sexy knickers’ style e.g. shorts which many women just love, tangas or boxers and also gentle knickers which are tempting with it’s blaze of colours and taints. Sexy underwear doesn’t necessarily mean tons of lace, which tends to be stiff and uncomfortable. You might also consider sateen or tulle models.


If the underwear must be really sexy, it’s worth to check the offer of garter knickers. These are keep in different styles – from subtle models to predatory or even boudoir. Seductive nighties are also a perfect proposition. When choosing the underwear you should mind your partner’s feelings and taste. If a woman normally doesn’t wear provocative clothes, it’s better to choose sexy but at the same time safe model (e.g. sheer nighty) so your woman wouldn’t be embarrassed. It’s important to match the underwear’s style to your beloved’s character and temper.


Always buy underwear from prestigious brands in labelled shops. No name underwear may turn out to be uncomfortable and unsuited (non-standard size table).


Everyone has the right to make mistake- mismatch with the size, taste etc. You should make your purchase in shop which enable customers to return or exchange a product.


Even wrong matched size or underwear which is not exactly in one’s beloved taste would be forgiven, if woman’s eyes see a beautiful package from Agent Provocateur or La Perla. These are precious gifts. If it’s not a special occasion, we advise to choose products from Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi or Esotiq. Despite difficulties one may find during shopping, underwear is highly adequate and desirable present for women. Such gift will surely raise spirits of both partners.