The art of seduction

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The art of seduction

The best way to seduce a woman is to be a millionaire and to have the looks of a Hollywood star. Obviously, it is much easier if you meet those two criteria, at least in terms of self-confidence, but it does not always guarantee success (although it often helps).

Seduction is a complex process, which depends on many factors. Therefore, it is worth learning several tested methods which can make you simply irresistible to women. What are the techniques that produce long-term effects?


 Many men notice how efficient a slightly indifferent attitude to women can be. Even if she is particularly attractive, you can’t show her explicitly how much you like her. This will give you psychological advantage. Therefore, you should not go overboard with complementing her beauty. If you make use of this skill, she will feel intrigued by your unusual behaviour and want to get to know you better. She will also feel more at ease in your company, similarly to a ‘friend to friend’ relationship.


 Reserve cannot overshadow self-assurance. However, you should rid yourself of all narcissist and arrogant behaviours. It is a good idea to act as if you are not involved, but at the same time, listen carefully to what she says and then, several days later, surprise her with a gift that she mentioned in a conversation, such as her favourite book or jewellery. This unexpected increase in the level of your involvement will make her feel unsure, she will not know what to think. However, don’t forget about acting indifferent.

Sense of humour

 It may also help to arrange several accidental encounters. Then, you can try telling some jokes related to sex or intimacy and see how she reacts. This will help you tremendously to understand the situation. During the meetings, you should be full of energy and never stop smiling. Being able to laugh at yourself will also have a positive effect. This will allow you to show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. While meeting with her, you should also make sure that you smell nice. Choose a scent that will remind her of you wherever she goes, whoever she goes there with.

The methods presented above will enable you to gain her interest and she will be inclined to take initiative. Now, you are only one step away from the first sexual encounter…