The best hotels -Wrocław

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The best hotels -Wrocław

Wrocław is a must-see Polish city. It is a great location for a romantic weekend away, as well as for a wild party with the boys. We guarantee that no party animal or romantic soul will be disappointed. The beautiful market square with a famous fountain, narrow and charming alleyways, gnomes, Racławice Panorama and the ZOO located a little bit further from the centre – this is the essence of Wrocław. While planning your trip to this amazing city, it is best to stay for at least a few days, at one of the best hotels in Wrocław.

1) Art Hotel – 5 stars‚ ”Stay in the heart of Wrocław”

 Art Hotel is situated in Kiełbaśnicza Street, less than a hundred meters away from the Market Square. The hotel is housed in a renovated 16th-century tenement house. Prices start at PLN 200 for a single (standard) room, around PLN 490 for a Superior room and PLN 850 for an apartment. The interior design of all rooms is modern, with historic features – doors and ceilings. The walls of the hotel are decorated with paintings created by Wrocław artists. In addition, the Art Hotel offers tasty regional cuisine, serving speciality dishes known as Dawny Smak Wrocławia (the Old Taste of Wrocław).

2) Hotel Jana Pawła II – 5 stars “Ostrów Tumski Welcomes” 

Hotel Jana Pawła II is located in the oldest Wrocław district, the unique and beautiful Ostrów Tumski. The hotel offers gorgeous interiors in the Classical style and spacious air-conditioned rooms perfect for work and play. Guests can choose from single, double and triple rooms and apartments, priced respectively at PLN 240, 260, 300 and 500. Whereas Katedralna Restaurant serves fresh, tasty, diverse dishes in spectacularly beautiful surroundings.

3) Hotel Sofitel Wrocław Old Town – 5 stars “Luxury in the very centre of the city” – Hotel Sofitel, which belongs to the Accor Hotels Group, is a true gem that offers its guests broadly understood luxury. It is situated in Świętego Mikołaja Street, just a stone’s throw away from the Wrocław Market Square. The hotel guests have 205 rooms at their disposal, in three classes: Classic, Superior and Luxury, as well as apartments. Prices start at PLN 606 per night in a single Classic room, PLN 671 for a Superior room and PLN 931 for an apartment. Moreover, the Hotel features two restaurants and a bar, as well as a fitness centre.

4) Hotel Grape – 5 stars “Rest in green surroundings”

Hotel Grape, located around 3 km away from the city centre, is an oasis of calm and peace. Guests can choose from 4 types of rooms: Superior (prices start at EUR 90/ night for a single room), Prestige (EUR 114 and 137 for a standard and double room), Royal (a double room will cost you EUR 148 / night) and Apartments (from EUR 210), whose names refer to the best grape wines. The hotel also offers a private spa centre, unforgettable culinary experiences and a selection of wines, divided into three categories: Taste of Nature, Love an Luxury.

5) Hotel Haston City- 5 stars “Sightsee in the day, rest at night”

 Hotel Haston City lies around 4 km away from the centre of Wrocław. The Hotel offers single and double rooms, with prices starting at PLN 220, as well as small, exclusive apartments, priced at PLN 430 and upwards. The classic interiors, minimalistic design, as well as comfort and convenience are the main advantages of the hotel rooms. Of course, Hotel Haston City also features a restaurant serving unique dishes from regional and global cuisine.

The best Wrocław hotels today focus mainly on ensuring the highest quality of service at all levels. Accommodation, food, tourist attractions in the city, and often SPA & fitness centres or other, additional services, are provided as standard. Countless special offers and discounts on the basic prices provided encourage visitors to spend the most lovely nights in Wrocław in their rooms.