, How to raise the temperature in bed? Why not try a three-way?

How to raise the temperature in bed? Why not try a three-way?

Autumn is season when we spend more time in the peace and quiet of our homes. Of course, for an introvert, the company of a TV, book, or cosy fireplace is enough for happiness. But what if you’re the type of person who is hungry for hot, new amazing experiences, with no intention of sitting alone and staring at the four walls? We have an idea for you, something which is sure to raise your temperature.


Admit it, you’ve thought of this before, haven’t you??

We’re betting that the answer is YES.

Three-ways are becoming increasingly common in films, TV, and books! So it’s not unusual that you have fantasies like this. Nowadays, there’s no such thing as a taboo topic, and conventionality is starting to fade out, leading to ever greater freedom of choice in our lifestyles. There are many different scenarios for a three-way.

A bored couple seeking a third person to bring variety to their sex life. Or a single who is ready for a new challenge, and the time has come to check off sex with two women from the list! A tempting and very exciting proposition.

Apart from the obvious physical pleasures, there are other benefits.

The fact that two beautiful and confident women want to have sex with you is nothing less than a booster shot which pushes your EGO, perhaps dormant until now, to its maximum limits.

You become a Superman in bed, bringing two women to orgasm.

, How to raise the temperature in bed? Why not try a three-way?

More than that, the range of possibilities for new experiences that you can have is unlimited.

And remember that the MMF variant is another option that you can try out.

Everything depends on you.

Or maybe you already have a regular sex partner, but you’re both considering introducing someone from the outside into the fun?

This is a completely different kind of three-way from one involving strangers. You need to establish the rules of the game with your partner beforehand. The limits of intimacy that the third person can take part in, whether they should leave immediately after the fun, or perhaps stay and enjoy a bath or dinner afterwards? And obviously, the choice of the third person must be accepted by both parties.

A three-way can provide many amazing and unforgettable experiences. But there is just one crucial element that can guarantee that a three-way is a great idea; the 100% certainty that all the participants are ready to take part in this kind of love play.

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