, What is sponsorship?

What is sponsorship?

The topic of social sponsoring, or compensated dating, is becoming more and more common. Especially now that the new academic school year has begun. Young women come to larger cities from surrounding areas in search of happiness and their future. But unfortunately, the cost of living on one’s own is very high, often too high for young women to bear on their own. The minimum monthly cost in the capital is 1500 PLN, not including entertainment such as restaurants, night life in the city, and other little pleasures. A full-time job is out of the question in the case of full-time studies, an option that many young people choose as such studies are government funded.

Faced with such realities, young people must search for an alternative. Sitting in a rented room staring at the walls is not option when the pulsing life of the big city and a social scene which we would like to take part in is just around the corner. An increasingly common solution is the centuries-old practice of sponsoring. This involves a relationship between a young, beautiful woman and an older, wealthy man. Such relationships experienced a boom in the 19th century, having originated in the hot climate of 15th century Italy. It was there that this type of practice began. Women came under the wing of gentlemen who offered them protection, and provided them with a comfortable life and a regular income in exchange for company. This was by no means prostitution. These “Ladies of the Camellias” had to be well-bred, educated, and well-versed in the ways of high society. They were expected to match the social level of their male companion. They appreciated art, outings to the cinema, banquets, and exquisite dresses. Unfortunately, their social and economic status did not allow them to enjoy such entertainments in refined company. Thus, a relationship with a wealthier man was the best possible solution. The men, for their part, did not only spend time in the ladies’ boudoirs, but also took them along as companions to social engagements. They did not attempt to conceal their relations with these courtesans, instead treating them as proper life companions.

, What is sponsorship?

The contemporary form of such relations is quite similar. Wealthy men are as a rule well-educated, well-mannered, and cosmopolitan in their outlook. They seek women who are their equals, who have something to say, who are ambitious, conscious of their own value, and determined to achieve success. Most often, their only shortcoming is a lack of appropriate funding to turn their plans into realities. In such a case, can this conscious decision of a woman who is well-suited by this arrangement be considered something bad? Is it not better for her to find a partner with class, one with whom she willingly spends time and enjoys the pleasures that life has to offer than otherwise? Or perhaps she should take her chances in a nightclub or on a dating website where there is no shortage unrealistic promises made by unprincipled men?

Sponsoring is a relationship which offers both parties nothing but benefits. It is convenient and transparent. It is not binding, nor are there any hidden agendas. Right from the start, it is clear that the relationship is to be treated as an adventure or a release from the daily grind. And you can be sure that it will be an adventure with a happy end.