What do women look for in a man?

What do women look for in a man?

The recipe for the perfect relationship is not simple at all. Incompatibility can be an obstacle on the path to happiness, which means that the partners may find it difficult to reach a satisfactory compromise on numerous matters. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn about some personal characteristics which women find particularly attractive in the opposite sex.


A man who wants to conquer the heart of his loved one should, first and foremost, show his romantic nature. It is not only about organising smart, candle-lit dinners or buying beautiful flowers and expensive gifts. An equally important aspect of romance is the ability to express feelings and show caring gestures to our partner. This lets the woman know how important she is in the life of her man.


Even though it may seem that a brave macho is the most popular type of man among women, the vast majority of females look for completely different characteristics, especially for a little dose of gentleness. This has nothing to do with physical strength. In this respect, women focus mostly on sensitivity and empathy in order to determine whether a man can be considered gentle.


Also men who can be described as resourceful enjoy more interest from women. Resourcefulness determines whether a man is able to provide the woman with support, stability and safety. It is also related to taking responsibility for the choices made.


Women particularly appreciate honest men, who share their thoughts, successes and problems. In many cases, honesty walks hand in hand with loyalty. It is those two characteristics that lay the foundations on which trust is built in a relationship.


An important characteristic sought after by women in the opposite sex is confidence, which should not be confused with arrogance or narcissism. It allows the man to look after his loved one and to give her a sense of security.