Why have a sugar daddy?

Why have a sugar daddy?

An average young woman entering adulthood has to face the fact that for the next couple of years, the money she gets from her parents and the first salaries will only cover her basic needs, rent, bills, tuition and food, with no extra money for a shopping spree. If they are on their own, they can forget exclusive shoes, purses or cosmetics.


The reasons for having a sponsor are multiple, but it all comes down to financial expectations and the desire to improve the quality of life. Depending on the sponsor’s financial status, besides regular pocket money, you can expect various bonuses, including luxury gifts – things you could not afford. Gifts from your sponsor can vary a lot.

A number of girls love getting luxury jewellery. Gold, platinum, diamonds, colourful gems. So far, they have only watched it on TV. Expensive bracelets, necklaces and earrings straight from the jeweller. Others prefer high quality cosmetics and perfumes, which help them take care of themselves and grow more beautiful every day. A sponsor can also pay for your beauty treatment in prestigious beauty salons, diet consultations of gym membership cards. If he is very rich, he can even finance your plastic surgery – ear, nose or breast correction.

But in order to look really good, you obviously need the best clothes, shoes and accessories. If you dream of top designer collections, such as Dior, Versace or Louis Vuitton, you can give your sponsor a hint. He may not shower you with gifts every day, but you can definitely expect something extra for your birthday or Christmas.


Expensive gifts are not only things. Your sponsor can offer you holidays in some exotic part of the world – Thailand, New Zealand, Australia or Dubai. In this way, you can visit a lot of countries and get to know other cultures. A sponsor can also pay your rent or tuition, or even language courses and training, which will provide you with invaluable skills and improve your qualifications, thus giving you a competitive edge on the labour market, which will provide you with full independence in the long run.

If your sponsor simply gives you pocket money to spend on whatever you please, it is good, too. But there is nothing like a nice surprise of a luxury gift.